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Welcome to Angling Entertainment
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Many people think we run THE best fishing fairs!

Thank you!

Because …

  1. we are the leading organiser of fishing fairs in the German-speaking world!
  2. we have a holistic competence profile with a clear focus on our core competencies: Marketing and Event Management!
  3. we are the number 1 in marketing by means of implementing composite concepts in target group portals!
  4. we have the largest pool of target customer master data for effective „direct marketing“!
  5. we have above-average visitors with purchasing power at our events!
  6. we increase our visitor numbers from year to year!

Carp Fishing Expo Carp Austria – The Carp Show with customer bite guarantee

The CARP SHOW, which we organise, is the leading trade fair in the field of „carp fishing fairs“ in Austria and the German-speaking countries and mobilises thousands of professional visitors with purchasing power and interest.

Our Carp Show is one thing above all: INTERACTIVE!

Nothing teaches people more than their own experience.

Lao-Tse, chin. Philosoph, 6. Jhd.v.Chr.

With the Carp Angling Exhibition CARP Austria we give you the unique opportunity to present your products to thousands of trade visitors. Raise your profile and win new customers through a successful presentation of your products. Take advantage of this cost- and time-saving alternative to other well-known marketing tools and also benefit as an exhibitor from the unique advantages of this trade fair.

….or simply earn money!

Registration forms Carp Austria 2023

The registration forms for Carp Austria 2023 as well as important information about the event are available for download here.

04. Hall plan will follow in October

05. Hotels Tulln

06. Marketing follow

Event times

Set-up: Thursday 30.11.2023 and Friday, 01.12.2023

08:00 bis 20:00

Event day Saturday, 02.12.2023

08:00 bis 17:00

Event day: Sunday, 03.12.2023

09:00 to 16:00 then dismantling

Please contact us!

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carp expo - carp austria 2023 on 02 & 03 december 2023
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Invitation – Become an exhibitor at Carp Austria 2023!

Dear ladies and gentlemen, dear exhibitors and business partners,

we can hardly wait to announce the great news: CARP AUSTRIA, the undisputed leading trade fair for carp anglers in Austria, is just around the corner again! It is with pride that we invite you to the 10th edition of this exceptional event.

CARP AUSTRIA is more than just a trade fair – it is an experience!

This is where the best minds in the industry meet to present their latest products and services. And you now have the unique opportunity to become part of this exclusive community.

Imagine your products shining in the eyes of numerous enthusiastic carp anglers. Think of how your business will stand out from the crowd and how you can directly connect with your potential customers. This is CARP AUSTRIA – a melting pot of innovation, knowledge exchange and business opportunities.

In addition to the prestigious positioning as a premium exhibitor at CARP AUSTRIA, we offer you additional benefits that will maximise your success at the fair. We will specifically promote your presence and put your products in the spotlight. Our extensive marketing campaign spans multiple channels and will ensure that you get the attention you deserve.

In addition, we have prepared new, exciting highlights for you this year. From special presentation stands for fishing brands with discounted space prices and a premium advertising package to a daily fashion show for fishing apparel – we will make sure that your brand takes centre stage and your sales figures increase.

CARP AUSTRIA is not only the largest angling trade fair in Austria, but also the most successful for our exhibitors. Our marketing efforts are not only increased in Austria, but also in the emerging markets of the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary. This opens up the possibility of gaining new customers and business partners from these countries.

The demand for exhibition space is enormous, so we recommend you act quickly and secure your place at CARP AUSTRIA. Don’t miss this opportunity to take your business to the next level and increase your sales.

Register today and become part of CARP AUSTRIA, the leading trade fair for carp anglers in Austria.

We look forward to celebrating an unforgettable success together with you.

Tatjana Kreinbucher and team

einzugsgebiet carp austria karpfenangeln messe carp expo carp fishing show

Our target for 2023: Well over 10,000 trade visitors

Our goal is to reach well over 10,000 trade visitors in 2023, i.e. specialised carp anglers, catfish anglers and fishermen who practice modern predator fishing. Therefore, we will increase our target marketing in Austria to a new and unprecedented level and extend it to the neighbouring countries within a 200 km radius. We have already entered into successful co-operations with fishing portals in each country and we are confident that we will reach our target. The main information about Carp Austria will be translated into 8 languages this year!

For you as an exhibitor this means quite simply: new customers!!!

Many of the big names in the angling industry and exhibitors from various nations have already agreed to take part in Carp Austria 2023, although we have not yet sent out any trade fair invitations to exhibitors.

We would be very happy to welcome you as an important part of this important event. Please do not hesitate to contact us to secure your participation as an exhibitor.

Our solutions for your successful trade fair presentation

When planning your trade fair presence, early registration is the key to success. We offer you a comprehensive online marketing strategy that generates more traffic week after week and maximises your presence at the fair.

Our services include a comprehensive company presentation as well as product introductions and news about your trade fair appearance. If desired, we can also link your website with predefined keywords to improve your company’s Google ranking.

In addition, we offer promotions in the trade fair booklet, Facebook campaigns in various countries, Google Ads campaigns in eight countries and newsletter marketing to present your brand in the best possible way.

Benefit from our many years of experience and let us work together to make your trade fair appearance a complete success. Contact us now to learn more about how we can help you.

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Our services:

01. Extensive SEO optimised presentation of your company on our homepage.

02. Product presentations on various websites and on our social media channels

03. News about your trade fair appearance in various online media and FB

04. Trade fair promotions published in the online trade fair booklet

05. Facebook raffle campaigns

06. Google Ads

07. Newsletter

Contact us now to find out more about how we can help you.

Our vision

Our goal for Carp Austria 2023 is to significantly exceed the magic number of 10,000 visitors. And we will achieve this! Of course, we will use all our known channels especially intensively for this.

But we are doing even more. We have found a gap in neighbouring countries. One of our new focal points in marketing this year will be the Czech Republic and Slovakia, because apart from the fishing fair in Prague, there are currently no significant fishing fairs related to carp fishing in these countries.

Carp Austria facts

Target audience based on interest

100% of the fair visitors mainly fish specifically for carp, of which
35% indicate ONLY CARP FISHING.
65% of the fair visitors practice at least one other fishing method, such as 40% catfish fishing and 35% spinning predator fishing. This is interesting, because if you extrapolate the figures to the trade fair visitors +/-, then Carp Austria is also one of the most visited catfish fairs in the German-speaking world!

You can find the exact evaluation in the exhibitor invitation.


constantly increasing number of visitors

highest purchasing power + carp fishing density

Austria’s only carp fishing fair

strong media presence

radio / print / online advertising

Target group marketing

part of your success3
part of your success

Feedback from our customers.

It was a very successful carpshow for us. This has the potential to become THE fishing fair.“ We will come bigger next year.

Maurice Keulen (Korda)

„Perfect, unique fair in Austria. It is the BEST fair!“

Harry Rechberger (Carp Center Nash)

„Very clear and tidy! Great informative show programme.“


„It’s a very great show here! Lots of people, great audience, very good offers!“

Stefan Seuß (Black Cat)

„A huge selection of companies and products“

Helmut Groß (Bait Service Straubing)

„As a newcomer, we did very good business. There were guests with a lot of buying power.“

Fa. Heining Baits

„People can also really see how a product is used on the water, AFS has that before anyone else, that’s its advantage!“

Bein Westerlan (Carp in Focus)

We look forward to your feedback.

Angling Entertainment

Straßganger Straße 120 A

8052 Graz



„I’ve done about 50 fairs since 1995, I’ve never experienced anything like this. I was sold out at 11:30 on Saturday!“

Max Nollert (Imperial Baits)

This has been an awesome fair, especially the carp anglers – a crazy crowd.

Dietmar Isaiasch

„This show is absolutely phantastic! Lots of people, we had very good meetings.“

Simon Crow (Nash)

„A trade fair that looks good and where many exhibitors are also present!

Jan Brauns (Fa. Nature Baits)

„Everything is top organised. Lots of people, nice customers and, of course, business is good.“

Frank Rogge (Fa. RSR Baits)

„The number of visitors is very good. The people here are also very nice.“

Fredi (Fa. Falle)

„It is the first and only fair in the whole of Europe especially also for us carp anglers, where you can test the tackle on the water!“

Markus Pelzer (Fa. Pelzer) Rest in peace
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